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Private Cuddle is Scottsdale Arizona’s hire a cuddle buddy service. Cuddling is well known for many health benefits. It’s also fun and easy to do.

At Private Cuddle, we match you with a person you feel most comfortable with. All cuddlers are professional and have healing energy. Not only will you feel loved and respected, you will feel the happiness and content of getting a fundamental need as a human.

Did you know humans can die or not develop well if they do not feel touch as a baby. New York Times Scientific American

Touch and warmth from another is so important and lost in our culture that it has effected every aspect of human behavior in the US.

If for no other reason, you need a loving, caring, cuddler to help you not be distracted by the need that we all have to be held, loved, and respected.

Rates are low because we want you to know how important this is. We are doing this to help people and the society.

In-house rates are $65 an hour and $100 for two hours.

Tips are welcome, but not needed.

We will show up at your home where it’s best to be alone. Sorry no other people are allowed in the same room you are cuddling in. Make sure the sheets or couch is freshly clean. Time is important so if you have questions please ask them after you start the session.

We take Paypal for payments or cash. We do need a deposit before the cuddler can show up. We will send recent pictures of the cuddler so you know exactly who you will see.

Keep in mind cuddling is not sexual here, this is about healing and feeling loved and respected. If you do feel aroused you may need to change positions.

If you have any questions, please let us know.