Questions (Please read)

What do I wear, any rules?

Stretchy soft material pants like pajamas are best, shorts are OK, underwear is not OK unless previously discussed with the cuddler.

We suggest jogging pants and a soft t-shirt.

Please shower and do not wear cologne for the cuddling session.

It’s really simple, Just be respectful, clean, and open to letting good energy into your life. We will do the rest.

Where is the cuddling done?

We are in the process of opening a store to go to in the China town district of Las Vegas. As for now all cuddling is done at your house.

Can I choose my cuddler?

Of course, it’s important that you have great chemistry and connect with the right person. We have several cuddlers available in most areas of Las Vegas. Just make an appointment and we will send you your options via email for what’s close by. Cuddlers that live further away might charge a little more for time and gas.

Are the cuddlers professional

There is no degree available in cuddling yet but your cuddler knows that feeling loved is important and our cuddlers know how to make you feel loved, listened too, respected, and relaxed.

What can we do?

You can watch movies on the couch or in bed, or just lay there and feel the warmth of a loving person. All cuddlers are trained and ready to help you feel comfortable with this healing experience.