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Las Vegas's private cuddle for hire service.

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Prices are $65 an hour in your house and require a phone and possible meet and greet first.

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Cuddling has tons of benefits like lower blood pressure, releasing happy endorphins, contentment, and happiness.

Feeling loved is important and our professional cuddlers know how to make you feel loved, listened too, and relaxed.


You can watch movies on the couch in bed, or just lay there and feel the warmth of a loving person.

All cuddlers are trained and ready to help you feel comfortable with the amazing experience.

Holding hands, head stroking, spooning are ok

This is about healing and feeling loved and is not sexual. If you get aroused which is ok you might have to change positions.

Located and servicing all of Las Vegas, Nevada. Extra fees may be involved for certain locations.

Appointments only, contact us today to make yours.

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What do I wear, any rules?

Stretchy soft material pants like pajamas are best, shorts are ok, underwear is not ok unless previously discussed with the cuddler.

Please shower and do not wear cologne for the cuddling session. Just be respectful and clean and open to letting love into your life.

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We are hiring in Las Vegas!

Want to get paid as a professional cuddler? Are you good at making people feel loved and happy?

Contact us here today, we have clients waiting for fit males and females in the age range of 20-40.

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Your E-Mail Address:

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